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There is a problem…

I feel bad about this because the quirks, and idioms, and varying dialects of the english language are wonderful and entertaining to me (and I don’t really consider myself a grammar nazi…) but I’m really starting to cringe every time I hear a newscaster say something like “There’s sustained winds of 80 MPH in Hurricane Irene”, or “there’s shelters available all throughout CT”.

And it’s NOT because of the impending hurricane that I’m slightly frightened of…It’s because “there is” refers to a singular object like a tree or a rock, and NOT to “sustained winds.” That’s what “there are” is for. There ARE shelters available…There ARE bunnies in my backyard…There ARE things that annoy me…and this happens to be one that has me clenching my teeth.

Now admittedly it is one grammatical mishap that tends to take place more often possibly because you can start a sentence thinking you’re going to talk about a singular object and then really end up needing to refer to a plural set of objects.

EX: *driving le car…sees parking space at Whole Foods

"Oh look! There’s…"

*about to say “a space” when another wild space appears

"…there’s spaces available!"

I’m aware that this happens, but I feel like too often this is not the case and people are just not being careful. *sigh* Again, this may be a temporary fit of frustration but I have been thinking about it all day. I know I must not judge people by things that I am being obsessive compulsive about so I just decided to vent it out here…

Well, anyway I must now go enjoy the company of hurricane Irene…

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